The Great Reveal - The Servery

The Great Reveal

The “Great Reveal” at Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014 

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards - The Great Reveal

The Great Reveal

Photography by Paul Riddle

A year of planning, designing and implementing, The “Great Reveal” project built entirely by DG Professional Interiors was showcased at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014 in London.  What a spectacular event it was, with over 600 guests ranging from the worlds top designers, architects and hospitality experts all under one roof.

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A HUGE well done goes out to all the DG team who made the show possible, without all your hard work and dedication this show would not have been such a success.

The Great Reveal - DG Professional Interiors Team
Photo wall and Cloakroom – Manufactured by DG Professional Interiors

Design brief was one of the most interesting we have been involved with.  We developed the final design based on initial concept designs from three designers. A few challenges we faced were, meeting expectations due to the multi sponsor input, designing & implementing the “reveal” process and logistical planning for setting up, setting down and removal of the entire set all in one day.  The result was nothing short of spectacular, everything went like clockwork and gauging the applause given by the guests at each reveal, we believe we delivered & exceeded any expectations!


The Great Reveal - The Bar

The Bar

Constructed out of MDF, The Bar’s intricate work on the main frame was done using the CNC Machine.  The main panels were held together using aluminium support ties & MDF corner bracing.  All the panels were mounted onto a sub floor which gave us control over the size and position of the panels. The centre table was again constructed out of MDF and the signage was supported by timber decorative posts.  The bar was decorated with AC lacquer white paint.  Together with the spraying, the time taken to construct this element of the show was around 3 weeks.

The Great Reveal - The Servery

The Servery

The Servery carcass bar frame was constructed out of MDF with an internal skin of White MFC Board.  The outside panels of the server were decorated with a themed design of Vinyl records, cassette tapes, 3.5 inch floppy discs and VHS video cassettes which were all sourced from recycled companies.  The outside panels needed to be sprayed with paint specifically for plastics and metals in a white finish.  The centre Display was constructed out of MDF with an array of white painted equipment arranged to compliment each side of the Servery theme and to tie in with the design and display of the 4 main operator signs. The Servery took around 2 weeks to build.


The Great Reveal - The Stage

The Stage

The main carcass of the stage was constructed from MDF with the fascia panels made from Sterling board and MDF.  There were 4 different sheen levels of AC Paint applied to these panels as well as a difference in heights to the stage to give a very distinct appearance and texture.  There were led light strips inset along the main concourse which when lit up accentuated the various sheen levels. The main concourse also had to be coated with an anti slip AC White Lacquer which also helped to give the stage another texture as well as add a Health and Safety element to the design. The stage took around 2.5 weeks to construct and spray.

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