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We place great emphasis on providing our clients with modern designs and producing the highest possible quality joinery. DG Professional Interiors have their own in-house Bespoke Joinery manufacturing facilities with a team of highly skilled, bench-trained joiners. Our ultra-modern machinery and technology allows us to manufacture, just about anything using different types of materials and producing amazing quality finishes. We very much pride ourselves in stepping right outside the box and enjoy being challenged by having to create features that are unusual and functional.


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DG Professional Interiors provide a national retail shopfitting and Interior Fit-Out service and for many years we have established close relationships with our clients and...

Hotels, Restaurants and cafes

DG Professional Interiors are specialists in design, manufacture and installation of Bespoke Interior.  We have created everything from an interior fit-out for a Michelin...

Pubs, bars and nightclubs

DG Professional Interiors are extremely experienced in manufacturing the much sought after Bespoke interior for pubs, bars and nightclubs, providing a full interior fit-out...

Public Services

Our highly specialised planning department has allowed us to offer a complete Interior Fit-Out service.  We have worked alongside “Road Chef” and many other...


Joel Kissin

Independent Restaurateur - Boulestin


I have developed a fantastic working relationship with DG Professional Interiors, where they recently completed a project for Boulestin. The finish was of great quality & I found them highly reliable to work with. They delivered the project in a timely manner & were a pleasure to work with, not least because of their flexibility. I would recommend DG to anyone who wants a professional interior Fit-out.